Meet Southwest Idaho

‚ÄčIt’s one of the few places in the U.S. where you can golf, bike, water or snow ski, go camping, canoeing, boating and more, all within 45 minutes of your home.

Southwest Idaho, also known as the Treasure Valley, is regularly ranked as one of the nation’s best places to live. With more than 500,000 residents, the area is anchored in Boise, the third-largest city in the Northwest, covering 1,645 square miles.

The Treasure Valley is family-friendly, but not shy on things for the single person to do (like an incredible array of food choices, great nightlife, and a wide variety of living choices). Recreational and cultural opportunities are world-class.

People say the climate is ideal. It has four distinct seasons with generally mild winters and hot days late in the summer. The area is situated in high desert, so the air is dry, making those hot days not feel so hot. With ideal gardening weather, and you’ll see flowers, shrubs and trees flower for months and months before changing color.

The Boise foothills give the area perspective and a stunning focal point, especially in early spring, autumn and after a snowfall.