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Solar Review 101

We are coming up on our first anniversary of installing Solar in our home and I am very hopeful we will finish out our first year at net zero as far as electricity. After having a level pay amount of $162.00 for several years, I am pleased now with an average monthly bill of $5.22 for electric which is exciting. I have to say that we did not change our consumption significantly or change our ways with the exception of changing all light bulbs in our home to LED, setting the Nest thermostat to a regular schedule, and being mindful of the Eco-temperatures and turning off lights when leaving a room.

We started generating power in February of last year and if you recall it was a dismal, dark, dreary, non-sunny month and as you can see our consumption was still lower with the offset of the solar power generated. I was looking over our solar production and in the big solar producing months the negative consumption numbers are credits above and beyond the consumption we used. Even these winter months with some sunny days helped and I am near giddy that we will about break even on our solar credits for the year. As of this writing we have a solar production of 337.76 kWh and with 10 more days to go I think we will hit our goal.

Just to give you idea of what our solar has accomplished this year besides an almost zero power bill is the equivalent of planting 612.9 trees and 24,334.76 lbs. of CO2 emission saved. I am super excited to reduce our expenses and do what I can to help the environment.

Everything we can do to help is appreciated. If you are considering Solar, I encourage you to call, text, or email me to learn more. I am also NAR Green Certified and have lots of ideas and suggestions you can do to become more Green! Are you in? Are you Green? Join Us.

Monthly Usage: This amount reflects consumption from Idaho Power after monthly solar contribution.

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