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Easter Feast Recipe Menu Guide

Spring is a great time of year to finally shake off the funk of winter and get into the groove of what the rest of the year has to offer. Easter is a great milestone along the way and it is an excellent time to gather with friends and family and enjoy some great food and hunt for Easter eggs with the kids. To help impress your guests and to allow you to maximize your time this year, we have done some of the legwork for you and have put together an Easter feast menu that will hopefully impress and satiate your guests. We went a little traditional with a few fun twists in-between that will keep your friends and family on their toes. Enjoy!

Main Protein: Sweet-Hot Plum-Glazed Ham

So, we went with a fairly traditional protein here, but with an Asian inspired twist. The sweet plum glaze will add a lot of depth and character to the ham while keeping it in the same realm flavor-wise as the traditional honey brown sugar glaze. Plums are a springtime fruit and they marry quite well with the richness and salinity of the ham. Their tartness helps to pierce through the rich texture to elevate it without covering it up. Here is the full recipe. We recommend serving this ham with a full platter of fresh hot cross buns as well.

Veggie Side 1: Carrots In Cumin And Coriander Butter

To both signify and celebrate the Easter Bunny, we will be serving carrots this year. These aren’t just your typical carrots, though. These are well-seasoned with cumin and coriander that will help to add some complexity to the typically sweet and one-note carrot. They will help to bring out the earthy tones of the carrot and help to undercut the sweetness to bring them to the next level of flavor. Oh, and they are also covered in sweet cream butter to help up the wattage on the richness! Recipe here.

Veggie Side 2: Creamy Spring Peas With Pancetta

Spring is all about vegetables and this dish is no exception. We are doing a spring pea casserole that has a secret ingredient: the salty, savory, and delicious pancetta. Full recipe.

Carb Side: Easy Make-Ahead Creamy Potato Salad

No Easter feast is complete without a huge dish of potatoes! This year we are doing a make-ahead cold potato salad that will be a perfect complement to your hot and savory sides. Check it out here.

Dessert: Refreshing Fresh Squeezed Lemon Bundt Cake

We noted that this feast is a little on the indulgent side, so we wanted to make the dessert course on the lighter end of the spectrum. This lemon bundt cake uses fresh lemons and a light dusting of a sugar glaze to bring you a cake that will be moist, sweet, and not too heavy at all. Check out the full recipe here. You can even make this ahead the day before to help you have less to do on the day of.

In Conclusion

Easter is all about celebrating family and friends with good food and fun games. We hope that this menu will have your guests hopping up to get seconds or thirds! Remember, no matter the time of year, there is always something fun to do around Boise and Meridian. I am happy to help with any questions about home and garden, buying, selling, real estate, and beyond! Give me a call today, I’d love to hear from you.

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