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It’s a seller’s market these days in Boise, Idaho and there’s never been a better time to sell than now. Ed Elam has years of real estate experience in closing great deals for his clients. He’s also a certified probate real estate specialist and can help you with any probate related needs as well.


Why work with Ed Elam?
Taking an innovative, team-based approach and combining that with nearly seventeen years of refining our systems and plans, we take care of our clients. Ed has a very high client satisfaction rating, with over 65% of his real estate business coming from repeat customers or referrals. Contact Ed for a list of references. Ed can also help with rightsizing, relocation, and new construction transactions. Whether you are buying or selling, Ed has got you covered. Bonus: Ed likes helping people with probate matters and with going green. The way of the future is here!

Resources for sellers:

Ed has a comprehensive marketing plan that has been proven to work in this market area. If you are considering selling real estate in the Boise area, Ed will review a marketing plan with you and prepare a comparative market analysis. These services are always free and without obligation.

Ed provides you with a personalized listing packet to use as a reference throughout the selling process. Request a complimentary presentation today by sending an email here. The consultation is free, private and always without obligation. How much is your home really worth? How long will it take to sell? How do you handle undesirable offers from potential buyers?

Where will Ed market my Boise area home?

The National Association of Realtors reports that nearly 80 percent of consumers go online to start their home search — and that percentage grows every year. With that in mind:

Your comprehensive, full-color listing is immediately available to over 5,000 area agents through the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Any of their clients who requested instant listing notifications will receive an email with your listing (when criteria is met).

Ed is constantly working to optimize our website to increase the visibility of your home.

Prospective buyers can access your property listing on hundreds of online portals, including (and all its affiliates), (associated with The Idaho Statesman),, Zillow, Trulia, Google Base, and many, many more.

How Ed Elam Real Estate gets results:

The first step is to place Ed’s FOR SALE sign in your yard. Because of Keller Williams’ reputation in the marketplace, seeing our sign provides buyers and other agents with peace of mind knowing that your home is priced properly and that the transaction will be handled professionally and with integrity.

The visibility Ed provides through innovative marketing, print advertisements, public relations efforts and years of experience makes him synonymous with real estate in the area. This means more buyers for your home, more credibility and a better chance of getting the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Because every property is unique (single-family homes, commercial property, and short sales), Ed evaluates other online and print possibilities. Your suggestions or questions are welcome. (After all, it’s your satisfaction that defines Ed’s success.)

Once he has contacted each agent who shows your home, Ed calls texts or emails you, then provides you with feedback so you can market your home as best as possible.

Ed networks among Keller Williams Boise agents to increase your chances of an early sell. In fact, 40 percent of Keller Williams real estate listings are sold by Keller Williams agents!

Getting the Best Value for Your Home
Getting ready to get into the real-estate market?
Most sellers today are nervous and unsure. They wonder: is taking a loss on our house inevitable?

The answer is no! A strategic sales plan, coupled with a smart buy in your new location will ensure that you recoup the maximum value for your home.

Your strategic sales plan.


Consult with an expert, local real estate agent to ensure your house is priced competitively and well-staged. Why? Because while there are always three factors to getting a home sold—location, price, and condition—only two are under your control: price and condition. Of the two, which is more significant? Price. Remember that price will correct bad condition, but the condition will never overcome a bad price.

Act fast. You’re in a race against time—the best price you’ll get in today’s market is the one you get now. If you wait, it will be lower. And every month the price on your home decreases, your costs remain the same. For example, Keller Williams research shows that sellers who listed their home at the price the agent originally recommended sold the home 38 days faster. This is over a month of mortgage and tax payments! For a home that cost $200,000 at time of purchase, with 20 percent down and an interest rate of 6.5 percent, selling a month sooner results in a savings of $1101.31 for the mortgage alone, not including the taxes and insurance that the homeowner would be paying during this time.

Don’t worry about where the market has been, keep your focus on where it is going. The price your neighbor down the street got six months ago is not relevant in a market where your house is competing with others from all across town. Again, a local real estate agent will have the kind of long-term, wide-ranging data that will help you decide how to pinpoint your price with precision.

Your smart buy.


Move up. Whether you are moving to an area where prices are in a downturn, or dreaming of nicer, bigger, home in your own town, selling your house now can get you into the home of your dreams. Falling home prices are a great opportunity for a savvy homeowner looking to move up. Even though your house price may be lower, the smaller loss at sale can be made up by greater savings at purchase. For example, let’s take that same $200,000 home, and imagine that it has decreased in value by 5 percent, reducing the sales price to $190,000. At the same time, let’s imagine that you would like to move up and the $400,000 home you have been eyeing has also decreased by 5 percent. That’s a savings of $20,000, and it is a home that is likely to be better positioned for appreciation when the market rebounds.

Bottom line: Don’t pit yourself against the market, work with the market to get the most out of your house sale.


Turn on any popular home network on cable TV and you’ll find a program on staging.

Re-arrange your furniture, pick a soothing color palette, clear out the family photos, and your home will sell faster, and for more money. Sound too frou-frou to be true?

It’s not! The soft and decorative side of staging is backed by hard facts.

Real estate agents like great-looking homes because they are easier to sell. Why is that important?
An agent’s job is to please their clients, and they will direct their buyers to the homes they think they will buy.

  • Agents talk to other agents who are also directing their buyers to the best homes on the market.

  • An attractive listing will be shown more often, meaning more market exposure—critical for a quick and profitable house sale.

  • Staging is non-negotiable in many parts of the country. Staging a listing for sale in an area where the concept hasn’t caught on can give you an advantage, particularly if there are many unsold listings similar to yours on the market. Buyers gravitate to listings that look good and are in move-in condition.

  • Buyers are looking for value. When prices are flat or on the decline, buyers need to perceive that the house is worth the price.

Bottom line: staging is more than an exercise in tasteful interior design. It is a business decision that can have a huge impact on your financial return and timeline.

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