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New Trends in Landscaping for 2022

Going green. It’s not just for saving energy on your HVAC bills anymore. It can be the driving force for your new garden and overall landscape architecture at home. That’s right. Going green, or sustainable, is the huge emerging trend of 2022 and beyond. Sustainability is the focus of this year’s in-trend home landscaping. Let’s explore some of the most up to date ways that you can jump on the bandwagon to excellence!

Focus On Environmental Impact: Ditch The Grass (Finally!)

If you’ve ever had to wake up at the crack of dawn and had to coax a cranky and ancient lawnmower to life in order to mow before the sun starts beating down on you in earnest, then you can celebrate with me in this: Getting rid of your lawn has never been cooler! Studies show that grass lawns are the world’s most grown “crop” in terms of volume and yet we simply trim, water, and maintain it for no appreciable reason other than looks. Well, if you want to be on-trend for 2022, then it’s time to ditch your lawn in favor of things like:

  • Stonecrops

    • Tear out your grass and replace it with heat-resistant succulents that need very little water and maintenance

  • Moss

    • For more wet or humid climates in the U.S., moss makes an excellent grass replacement that needs little watering and no mowing.

  • Zeroscaping

    • Use decorative rocks, gravel, and bark to make a unique and sustainable landscape in your front yard and ditch the mower for good!

Reducing Water Usage

Since much of the U.S. is facing water shortages and harsh droughts, it’s become almost a necessity to implement low water landscaping. You can do your part by collecting rainwater and using that for your garden’s irrigation or by reducing the amount of water you use altogether by planting drought resistant and low water plants. Out with the old and in with the new.

Function Over Form: The Kitchen Garden

Seriously, what is more luxurious and fun than being able to use freshly picked ingredients from your own garden? It’s almost a crime NOT to have a sustainable kitchen garden these days, right? The kitchen garden is spreading like wildfire across the nation and you should definitely get caught up in this trend. Start by planting all of your favorite herbs and spices in a small patch and go from there!

You don’t have to be a farmer to start. Just start small and grow from there, just like the seed of your favorite vegetable. The goal will be to eventually have the majority of your garden space dedicated to functional plants that provide you and your family delicious and nutritious meals today.

Upcycling: So Hot Right Now

Don’t just throw your trash away, that is so 2021. Here in the future, we are keeping and re-using most of our trash wherever we can! Throwing away a 2-liter soda bottle? Oh no you don’t! That would make a perfect starter planter for your seedlings if you just cut it in half lengthwise! Tossing out that old dresser or chest of drawers? Why would you do that when it would make an excellent multi-level planter box for your new herb garden? Don’t just throw it away, make it into something special.

In Conclusion

Ed Elam is happy to help with any questions about buying, selling, and beyond! Give him a call today, he’d love to hear from you.

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