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Ok, is it safe to go out?

With more and more people getting vaccinated and some of the restrictions being lifted I find myself starting to venture out a little more and reconnect with the outside world. After a year of isolation, it is beginning to feel “ok” to go out and being fully vaccinated makes me feel more comfortable as I test the waters and expand my boundaries. I am noticing more activity at more locations which gives me hope for a return to normalcy.

I still am a bit hesitant to go all in and return to a crowded restaurant but will cautiously venture into a non-crowded, non-busy establishment where the staff are still wearing masks and taking precautions. With the weather improving an outdoor patio is even better! I appreciate the challenge that all businesses still struggle with and I appreciate and I support their guidelines to keep their employees and customers safe. When I am out and about in the outlying areas, I am still cognizant of employees serving the public and will continue to wear my mask when entering to show my support of their practices and health.

In talking with businesses, I understand the struggle to find enough employees to meet the pent-up demand and at the same time understand the reluctance of people to take jobs that have direct interaction with the public. I hope the public respects the continuing safeguards in place to protect the workers that are stepping up to provide the services we missed so much over the last year. Please remember, many businesses are ramping up their business to accommodate the demand and most of them have limited or short of staff. Please be patient and pleasant as we all merge back into our new normal.

If all else fails, you can hang out in your garden, play in the plants, do some weeding. Between the April showers we were able to have friends over and we laughed, told stories, ate wonderful food, and shared a glass of cheer for the reunion and better days to come!

If I do not answer the phone or the door, come around back, I am probably in the garden!

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