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A Public Service Announcement: Store Etiquette

Every time I go to the store, any store, it flabbergasts me that people are so oblivious about their surroundings…whether inside the store or in the parking lot. Let’s start in the parking lot. Do people not realize that the area between the rows of cars is used for driving the cars and it’s not a super wide walkway? Move to one side please! Oh, and when you get to the end of the aisle and are crossing over to the store entrance please just walk directly across and not diagonally which takes nearly double the time. Of course, when you saunter, sashay, stroll that adds even more time! Now, I understand in this crazy, hectic, stressed out world we live in you might just say relax, take a deep breath and get over yourself. I truly do my best to follow that advice and am pretty good at it until I get into the store itself.

As a child, I remember when going to a store we were expected to be on our best behavior and be cognizant of the people around us. The times when we forgot that rule and blocked isles and misbehaved, we were snatched within an inch of our lives and reminded of our manners. People please realize the aisles are designed for 2 carts so keep in your lane and don’t hang out in the center.

Additionally, if you see someone that is stopped, on one side of the aisle viewing the items on the opposite side you don’t just stop in front of them and grocery block them! Children are wonderful creatures; I have one myself but please corral those darlings and keep your herd to yourself! I am sure the aches I have in my shoulders is from being snatched out the personal space of other shoppers and not from aging!

I think today people are just too darn busy or harried to realize how their behavior impacts other people and how the small changes or actions would make a huge difference in everyone’s life. Slow down, (not while crossing diagonally) take a deep breath, be aware of the people around you and move forward in a confident, compassionate, caring and present state and you might be surprised how much easier your day will be. Of course, the pleasant smiles and engagement you receive are just a bonus!

I have to say I drilled into my son early on that you don’t walk down the center between the cars, you don’t cross diagonally, and be mindful of the people around you. It always brought a smile to my face and heart when he would share with me his stories of teaching his friends these valuable life lessons with his friends! What a good kid!

Thank you for reading this PSA. Common courtesy and respect are not a thing of the past! Please share with your friends and family and let's bring store etiquette back to the Treasure Valley.

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