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How To Get Curb Appeal In Winter

Curb appeal is nice to have, but sometimes the weather can make even the most adorable house look like a haunted cabin. This winter and spring when the weather is at its most uncooperative, you can still put together a great curb appeal package that will help your buyers fall in love with the home you’re selling. Just read on through today’s article to find out how!

Invest In Proper Or Better Lighting

If it is very snowy in your area and you can expect to have snow on the ground during the period in which your house is on the market, then you can capitalize on that very easily. Snow makes an excellent light reflector and when it is fully lit, it can look better than a fresh cut lawn in the summertime. Purchase some better, brighter bulbs for your home's porch lights and front yard lantern light (if you have one) and get them installed to help increase the total volume and brightness of the light that your home is putting out. You can also invest in some simple walkway lights that you can place along the walkway leading up to your front door as well. 

This combined with the brighter outside lights will make your home look like a beacon of coziness in a frozen landscape. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that the lights are really helpful during the winter months because night falls so much earlier that there is a very good chance that many of your showings will be at night or dusk. 

Winterize Your Landscaping

If you don’t already have some evergreen plants or trees in your front yard, then it’s time to get some and place them. Adding cold-friendly and evergreen plants and trees will make your home stand out compared to your neighbors and will increase the curb appeal greatly when buyers see a burgeoning landscape with lush, green plants in stark contrast to the snow surrounding them. You don’t even have to dig them into your permanent landscaping plans, you can even just add some potted greenery around your walkway, which will help as well.

Feed The Birds

While some birds fly south for the winter, many will stick around and hunker down during the winter months. Help them find fresh food and stay fed this winter while also increasing your curb appeal by buying a few bird feeders and stocking them with food that will attract winter birds. They will really appreciate it and will help increase your sale price in return. It’s a win win! You know what they say, “a bird in the bush is worth a few percentage points on the asking price!” or something like that. 

In Conclusion

We hope that today’s winter weather curb appeal guide will help you be better prepared to sell your home this year. Remember, no matter the time of year, there is always something fun to do around Boise and Meridian. I am happy to help with any questions about home and garden, buying, selling, real estate, and beyond! Give me a call today, I’d love to hear from you.

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