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Happy Altered Summer!

Quiet Time, Shelter in Place, Lock down…which is it?

I was reflecting over the long weekend how the pandemic has changed us. Since I work from home, even before the Pandemic, it was not so foreign to stay in. It certainly did impact my business and has reinforced the saving mode we are in. It is interesting the amount of money saved by not going out, not buying gas, not going to music or Shakespeare or even summer entertaining. I have watched people in my neighborhood walk, bike, run, stroll, and that seems to be less as the state opens a bit.

What I am finding most interesting are my feelings of what happens when the virus is defeated, and Idaho can open and get back to full operation. I wonder if people will go back to the activity level prior to Covid-19 or will they embrace the more relaxed, less hectic life we have all come to know. Following a very low-key 4th of July at home, it reminds me I do not have to get back into all the hectic running around and over-achieving. I think I am finally able to take a deep breath, relax in the back yard and continue to let the world go by. I am not ready to be on the go as much as I used to be, and I am learning to appreciate a slower pace and time with family.

I wonder if this Pandemic had hit during the winter months, would people be as stressed out and agitated? Would they be as insistent about going out? Would they be a little nicer, empathetic, and tolerant? I have seen some wonderful interactions and compassionate individuals through all this and hope that I am doing my part. I always have a mask in the car, and I am not amused to wear it. (I think I need a bigger mask, my present one pulls my ears out and I look like Dumbo). I do find myself having to go back to the car as I forget to take it with me but all for the greater good, right?

This time will pass and hopefully we come out the other side stronger and more compassionate. Let’s all remember to always take a deep breath and react or treat others as we would like to be treated. Everyone is struggling, let us not add to the chaos.

Happy Altered Summer! Be happy, be healthy, be kind!

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