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Let's talk about home sheltering

It seems that we are never happy with what we have. When we are going to work every day, we wish we could just stay home and now that we are home, we are going MAD! For me, I don’t think being home is that bad…. usually. Since I work from home it shouldn’t be much different, but it is! Just knowing that I can’t (or shouldn’t) venture out from the house to run an errand, pick up a little something at the store, or even go check on listings or visit clients causes me angst.

With real estate slowing down it is the perfect time to get caught up on note cards, create new marketing pieces, evaluate and reduce overhead and get ahead of the curve for whatever might be coming our way when this pandemic releases us. Yes, I am doing a lot of that from the comfort of my home office which provides me a view of the numerous people that are walking, walking their dogs, and riding their bikes.

I spend a great time pondering where have these people been, and will they still be this visible when the pandemic is over? I for one think the dogs are going to be really upset with their families, they have not had this much exercise in years and now they are going on at least one walk a day and when this is over are they going to go into withdrawal and become depressed? Heck, dog life was grand, my family loved on me, walked with me, played with me and now they’re gone! I think the dogs will either be pissed off or confused!

It has been interesting to see kids, parents, kids and parents all out getting some exercise which is exactly how it should be but, will it last? The home sheltering, although challenging, is good for families to spend a lot of time together, reconnect on a deeper level and hopefully strengthen the family bond. So, when everything goes back to normal will the engagement within the family return to smart phones, work, shopping, hanging out, dining out and all the good that emerged disappear?

I sure hope not. I sincerely hope that at least 30% of the activities remain as people see the positive impacts on their family and lives. The pause in our lives has truly made us slow down, take a breath and re-evaluate everything we do, and it has had a dramatic effect on us personally but also ecologically. I have been amazed at how our planet has been able to begin to heal itself when we all stopped killing it.

So, people, let’s make a commitment to stay connected, cut down on the activities that pollute our relationships and planet and keep up the good work. It’s a win-win for everyone…including the dogs!

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