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Is Boise Ready for Solar? Are you?

With the return of the sunshine after a dreary February it is exciting to see the amount of power that is being generated with our home’s new Solar system. What a turn around from February till now! In February, our new system generated a dismal .294 MWh compared to 3 weeks into March a whopping 1.01 MWh with another week to go! With spring finally here, our numbers will continue to climb, banking enough power to easily get us through the winter months with only a nominal power bill. The power company does a great job tracking the production and consumption of power through the reverse meter they installed on our home and it is so exciting to see it roll back!

We had been considering Solar for years and decided to make the move at the completion of an interior remodel of our home last fall.  Through financial planning we are on track to have our house paid off at retirement. Not having a power bill will allow us more money to travel, entertain, and relax.

Along with spring sunshine, we are noticing the activity in our local real estate market heating up as well. I attended some classes on Solar before making the move and learned our local appraisers are getting up to speed as well on how to value homes with Solar. It makes a big difference. You might see an increase in purchase price from $20,000-$40,000 depending on the size of the PV system.  Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is a technology that converts sunlight (solar radiation) into direct current electricity by using semiconductors. When the sun hits the semiconductor within the PV cell, electrons are freed and form an electric current. Solar PV technology is generally employed on a panel (hence solar panels).

With our home buyers coming from all over the country and many coming from areas already familiar with the benefits of Solar, a savvy buyer will certainly see the value in a Solar system. Some of the obvious benefits are:

Day 1 savings on your electric bill

Yearly savings throughout the lifetime of your Solar panel system – 25 to 30 years

No down payment necessary for your Solar energy system

For buyers that are familiar with Solar or have had it previously, many will purchase a home with existing Solar even at a higher price point for a comparable home. Many homes have their Solar (PV) system sized for the current homeowner’s lifestyle. However, many systems are capable of being upgraded to meet a new homeowner’s usage requirements. Whether that is a larger family, a homeowner with generally higher power consumption, or even adding an electric car to the household, many systems are easily expanded to accommodate these changes.

Who wouldn’t like to replace their electric bill with a much cheaper and cleaner option and reduce your carbon foot print at the same time? To date, our system has produced enough clean energy to reduce 2,020.58 lb of CO2 emissions which is the equivalent of planting 51 trees!  I like trees, don’t you?

Is Solar right for you? I would love the opportunity to visit with you about our own Solar experience and answer any questions you may have about our local Real Estate Market.

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