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Is it the Best Time to Sell in the Boise Area

You may be asking yourself if this is the best time to sell and the short answer is YES! We are experiencing amazingly low inventory of homes for buyers to review and purchase which means more motivated buyers for your home, potential multiple offers, and solid offers with few seller concessions. Look at the following information taken from our MLS (multiple listing service) for January 2018.

Ada County:

Price Point Months of Inventory Homes for sale

$0.00 to $350,000                 .45                            180

$350,001-$1,000,000            1.94                           219

Canyon County:

$0.00 to $350,000                1.01                           170

$350,001-$1,000,000           7.75                            44

Gem County:

$0.00-$350,000                     .95                            21

$350,001-$1,000,000           3.0                                1

So, what does this information mean to you? Well NAR (National Association of Realtors) defines a healthy balanced market to have inventory of 6 months. As you can clearly see we are in a housing shortage and homes are selling! Many people wait till Spring to list their home. If you wait you will be competing with your neighbors.

Are you ready for a frank conversation about the market and how I can sell your home? Call me today for the information you need to make an informed decision.


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