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Will vs. Trust: Know the Difference

If you are like many people, there is a mystique about a Will and a Trust. Both are used in Estate planning and both have specific purposes in the distribution of assets at death. Here is a great article that discusses both and a handy grid comparing the two. You will find that article here: Will vs. Trust: Know the Difference There are many nuances when you are appointed a Personal Representative and more information is better. I have some great handouts that discuss timelines, duties, definitions, and strategies that I would love to provide to you complimentary. Having a Probate realtor on your team can help reduce the stress of the PR job and take some of the items off your plate.

During the big Pandemic shutdown, it seems like almost everything in our world shut down including the courthouses. Yes, electronic filings were happening but what about the PR’s. There are some specific timelines that need to be met with Probate and you may find yourself behind the 8 ball. Not to worry, I am here to help. Let us talk about how I can help and get your PR responsibilities and task caught up and moving forward again. Whether you are local or from out of the area or state, I can make your life a lot easier! Reach out today, I am here to help.

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