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Your Home’s First Impression

First impressions are everything these days. That’s especially true when it comes to selling your home. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and a bad first impression could mean losing a buyer and the payday that comes with them. In today’s blog, we’re going to show you some tips that you can deploy right away in order to help your home make the best first impression possible to your buyers and thus securing the most bang for your buck in the process. Let us know in the comments about your recent buyer first impression experiences or if you think that we should add anything to our list. Enjoy!

Make An Impression Before They Ever See It In Person

Just about every part of the home buying process is done online these days. Most people don’t even hire a real estate agent before they’ve picked out five or ten of their top must-see houses to go tour. All of that home shopping is done on smartphones or tablets and is driven by one major factor: photos. Your home better have some spectacular photos if it’s going to be competitive against others in your area. The first thing you should do when selling your home is to hire an excellent photographer to take flattering and impressive photographs of each room and of each outside angle of the house as well so that your home can be the pick of the litter even before the buyer has a chance to see it in person.

Impress Them Before They Get Out Of The Car

Your buyers are going to be picky. They have to be, because this is a major decision that will affect the rest of their life in many ways. They want to be impressed and they want to feel like buying your home is going to be special and meaningful. They are going to be making their mind up about 50% of the way before their hands even touch the doorknob on the front door.

Make sure that your curb appeal is up to snuff before perfecting the inside. Here are some things that you can work on that will help bring your home’s curb appeal to the next level:

  • Lawn care:

    • Make sure your front lawn is freshly mowed with few weeds and is lush and green and inviting.

    • Weed out all dandelions and don’t forget to edge the outer portions of your lawn so that there are no rough grass patches sticking up.

  • Flower beds:

    • Ensure that your flower beds are freshly weeded and are full with fresh flowers and plants. You may even have to go out and splurge on a wide array of new plants in the process. This is fine as you will be repaid tenfold once the house sells.

    • Add fresh bark or soil to your garden so it looks pristine and healthy.

    • Remove any clutter or unsightly plants or dying shrubs.

  • Driveway and walkway:

    • Don’t forget to make sure that the walkway is clean, fresh looking, and even lightly decorated when you are selling your home.

    • Power wash the driveway and make sure that the sidewalk in front of your house is free of trash, clutter, and stains.

  • The outside of your home:

    • Don’t forget to wash the windows, especially the curb facing ones!

    • Slap a fresh coat of paint to your house and make sure that your roof is free of debris and clutter.

    • Clean your gutters!

In Conclusion

This year is the perfect time to sell your home for top dollar! I am happy to help with any questions about home and garden, buying, selling, real estate, and beyond! Give me a call today, I’d love to hear from you.

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